Jenkins is a powerful tool to help automate software development.

Nowadays there are tons of bots out there, some good some bad. But how to do block the bad ones from accessing your server?

If you don't know what the nodejs inspector is yet, its a very useful tool which allows a nodejs program to send console output to a google chrome dev console. And the google chrome inspector is super useful when dealing with json since it has the nested dropdown interface.

One cool little trick of ssh that I find very helpful is the config file. With work and my blogs and different computers, there are about 20 computers I need to ssh into from time to time and there is no way I can remember all the different IP addresses, usernames, ssh keys. The config file stores all that information and gives it an easy to remember name.

This will be a tutorial on building a basic social network app using react and node, or the MERN stack as I've heard it be called.

Part 1. Planning

First step is deciding what the scope of the project is, or the MVP. For this, I decided that, in order for the app to be usable, it needs some basic features such as:
  • Registration
  • Authentication
  • Profile page
  • News feed / status updates
  • Friendship (request, accept, remove)

Google analytics, or really any web site analytics software is an extremely important part of any successful website. It moitors all of the behavior of users to allow you to make smart data driven decisions to improve your site, such as a/b tests.

This post will be showing a simple way to create your own WordPress website. I will go over everything from getting a custom url, getting a remote server, and setting up WordPress. Unfortunately its not free to do this, but it is fairly inexpensive.

This is a post showing how to use the graph builder grafana and a python script to monitor stocks. First things first, download and install grafana and influxdb.

This is going to be a simple tutorial on server load balancing using nginx and python's BaseHTTPServer module. Load balancing is the way all the big websites are able to work. If they used only a single server, they would get flooded with traffic and crash. Load balancing allows for having multiple servers by distributing traffic among them.

I've been learning Ruby recently and, honestly, I prefer python over it in every way. Except for the string interpolations. And I'm not going to use Ruby over python only for this, so I decided to figure out how to give python that same ability.

Computers are in everything today. From your smartphone, to your microwave, to your car, it's impossible to go through a day without using a computer of some sort. But how does a computer actually work? How does a computer... compute?

This is a cool project that uses computer vision techniques and a webcam to act as a security system. I will demonstrate how to detect if a door is opened then have my computer yell at the opener. For this all you need is a webcam, python, and the modules opencv and pyttsx.

Ever wonder how people control lights over the internet (such as from The Big Bang Theory)?  Here's a little tutorial on how to do it.

For this I'm using python, Ubuntu, and an Arduino Mega.  Tutorials on how to install these can be found from a simple google search.