One cool little trick of ssh that I find very helpful is the config file. With work and my blogs and different computers, there are about 20 computers I need to ssh into from time to time and there is no way I can remember all the different IP addresses, usernames, ssh keys. The config file stores all that information and gives it an easy to remember name.

An entry in the file looks as follows:`~/.ssh/config`
Host *easy-to-remember-name*
    HostName *the server ip address*
    User *username*
    IdentityFile *path to ssh key file*
A more specific example
Host my-server
    User root
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
Then when you want to ssh into the server all you have to do is type
ssh my-server

to ssh into it.

Then if you ever have to manage multiple servers you just need to add another entry into the config file. I find this makes it way easier and speeds things up a ton for me.